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Panasonic NN-SM25JBFDG Solo Microwave Oven 20 L

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Cooking is no more hassle! Panasonic solo microwave oven makes cooking a simple one! Cook a wide variety of cuisines easily at home. Panasonic, by using Japanese technology, has innovative designed this microwave oven. This smart microwave oven retains the nutrients and flavour in your food.  

Panasonic has built this microwave oven with more internal space. The Capacity of this NN-SM25JBFDG microwave oven is 20 liters. Best to cook for 2-3 people. Its glass turntable is about 255 mm. Cook more quantities at one instance!

You have 5 power levels to adjust upon your cooking requirement. A control knob in this facilitates easy operation. This compact style model NN-SM25JBFDG is available in a sharp black colour. 

Get 1 year of warranty on the product and 1 year on magnetron.

Panasonic 20 L Solo Microwave Oven

  • Warranty: 1 year on product, 1 years on magnetron
  • 20L capacity: Suitable for bachelors & small families; power + innovation 800 watts of high power for fast, Even cooking and delicious results
  • Compact design: this countertop microwave with Glass turntable is compact, allowing you to devote less space to electronics and more to interior capacity;

The deserving features of this microwave oven is pointed out here.

  • Reheat – Reheats your food without any change in taste and flavour. Taste hot delicious  meals every time!
  • Hassle-Free Defrosting – No more waiting! Now defrost your fish, meat and other foods quickly in this oven.
  • 5 Power Levels – Different power levels to suit your varied dishes.
      1. Max – 800 watts
      2. Medium – 700 watts
      3. Low – 360 watts
      4. Defrost – 270 watts
      5. Warm – 200 watts
  • Maximum Interior, Minimum Footprint – The space capacity is brilliantly designed to provide optimum space for interior. Mechanical knob controls are simplified to make it convenient for everyone. A light weight model fits on your countertop.
  • Cooked Evenly – Panasonic microwave oven ensures uniform cooking of your food.
  • Quick Cooking – A powerful 800 watts temperature set cooks your food in super fast mode.

Highlighted the key advantages of owning this Panasonic microwave oven below.

  • Greater durability with superior grade glass turntable.
  • Retains the original flavour, taste and texture 
  • Uniform and fast  cooking process
  • Adjustable power and time settings 
  • The 255 mm turntable enables cooking of large quantities. 

Besides the above advantages, this model NN-SM25JBFDG has certain limitations/disadvantages as well.

  • There is no auto cook menu
  • Lack of digital timer display
  • The quality of turntable could be improved

The cost of this appliance is Rs.5,090 on Amazon, whereas it’s MRP is Rs.6,790. 

Truly affordable price with no cost EMI facility.

Product Information






20 L

Function Type



200 – 800 watts 

Installation Type

Free Standing


Physical Design



Cavity Material

Stainless Steel

Dimensions (L*W*H in Centimetres)

44 x 34 x 26


10.5 Kgs 


Mechanical Control Knob

Energy Consumption 

Power Consumption

230 Volts

Power Levels (in Oven)

1- 5

Special Features

Auto Cook Mode


Time Display


Child Lock Pattern


Express Cooking


Auto Defrost




Even Cooking



Product Warranty

1 Year

Magnetron Warranty

1 Year


You don’t need to worry about the installation process. An Authorized Technician from Panasonic can help you with the setup of your Microwave Oven. And a free demonstration is provided by the technician. You will also get a user manual along with this product.

 The turntable size is 255 mm and it is good to use 250 mm plates.

Just press the ‘push button’ at the bottom right corner.


No. This model does not have this feature.

   No. It’s a basic model. Does not support baking. Only simple cakes can be made in this.

 No. It does not support the fermentation process.

Please follow the below guidelines strictly to avoid any possible harmful effects of using this appliance:

  • Keep your Microwave Oven away from flammable devices. Place your Oven on a flat surface.
  • Only use the utensils recommended for Microwave Oven.
  • While cooking, make sure that your Oven door is kept closed. 
  • Do not use the Oven as a storage container. 
  • It is not advisable to touch the utensils inside the microwave oven while operating.
  • If any smoke is observed, switch off your Oven and keep the Oven door closed. Call the authorized technician immediately.
  • Do not dry clothes in Oven heat.
  • The Product information, warranty period and pricing mentioned above varies for each model.The pricing mentioned was at the time of publishing this post.   
  • Please adhere to the above mentioned precautionary measures to enjoy a long-lasting performance of your appliance. These instructions could vary from product to product. Please read the product brochure carefully for detailed instructions.

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