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Best Washing Machine under Rs.20,000

by Team ATOZ
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A sharing of just Rs.20,000 from your budget can make the life of the households easy and hassle-free. To guide you on taking the right buying decision, we have sorted out the list of 5 best washing machines in India under Twenty Thousand. Our prime focus is regards to performance, durability, cost and power savings of the appliance. 

We hope that the below washing machine models could give you a great buying experience.

Whirlpool Fully Automatic Washing Machine, White Magic Royal 6.5 GENX (Top Load)

An intelligent washing machine designed with 6th sense technology. Its Zero Pressure Fill technology and hard water wash is a great solution for our water condition. 

This model is available in an appealing grey colour with smooth glossy finish. The fluid display of this washing machine makes it more attractive. It comes with a capacity of 6.5 kgs, ideal for a family of 3-4 members.

  • Spiro wash action for 20% better clean quality
  • Makes an excellent washing even in hard water. No more faded clothes!
  • Adjusts the wash cycle according to the water pressure. Comparatively, 50% faster filling by this washing machine.
  • Auto tub cleans the inner walls of the tub with the help of the water used for the wash process.
  • Protects your appliance from voltage fluctuations by stopping the wash process timingly.
  • Detects the amount of detergent required for the laundry load and uses it optimally.
  • Detects the laundry load and alerts on overload.
  • Dry tap sensing and displaying the error code.
  • Auto distributes the laundry load
  • Magic lint filter
  • Facility to store water in the tub for next use.
  • Energy savings – 5 star
  • Vibrates a bit while spinning.
  • Noise level can also be reduced to a certain extent.
  • Does not have an in-built heater.

Own this washing machine by paying Rs.14,475 on Amazon. 23% more savings. 

Whirlpool covers product warranty for 2 years and motor warranty for 5 years.


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A simple and powerful performance washing machine equipped with soak methodology for tough stain removal. Functions on the turbo 6 pulsator that creates strong water motions to clear dirt quickly. 

A prompt and easy service assistance through toll free number, smartcare mobile app, sms and whatsapp services.

This model is designed in a stunning grey colour with a tough glass lid and LED digital panel. Its  capacity is 6 kgs. Good enough to wash the clothes of 2-3 members.

  • Acu wash drum for a soft scrub process
  • Turbo 6 pulsator creates a deep penetration of detergent for better wash quality
  • Inbuilt soak technology automatically soaks your clothes for 5-8 minutes.
  • Stainless Steel Wash Drum prevents the bacterial growth inside the drum. 
  • Lint filter
  • Customised 9 wash programs that cater to your different fabric requirements.
  • Energy rating – 5 star
  • Makes a little noisy performance. But bearable.
  • The length of an outlet pipe is not long enough.
  • There is no overload indicator.

Purchase this appliance for Rs.12,990 on Amazon. A huge discount from its MRP.

Get covered for 10 years of motor warranty and 2 years of product warranty by Godrej

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A perfect washing machine that has a combo pack of hot water wash, immersive soak formula  and optimal use of detergent. Its aqua energie system acts as a water softener. 

An in-built heater technology kills 99.99% germs from your clothes. A scale proof and rust proof element of this heater adds more extended life to the appliance.

This model is available in a pleasant white colour with a capacity of 6.5 kgs.  Suffice for 3-4 people in a family.

  • 3D Wash Technology for a complete soaking and better dilution of detergent.
  • Triadic pulsator with 3 soft scrub pads removes stains effectively
  • Auto balances the laundry load
  • Crescent moon drum pampers your clothes from damage
  • Lint tower filter
  • Aqua energie completely dissolves the detergent
  • Protection from high/low voltage fluctuations
  • Auto tub clean keeps your tub fresh by cleaning it for the next wash process
  • Detects the laundry load and uses the water & detergent accordingly.
  • Germ free clothes with hot water wash facility
  • Energy rating – 5 star performance
  • Overall built up quality to be improvised on.
  • Makes a little bit noise

Get this smart washing machine for just Rs.19,305 on Amazon with in-built heater technology. If you go without a heater model, you can buy this appliance at Rs.16,590 on Amazon.

IFB provides Tri Shield Protection – 4 years of product warranty, 10 years of motor warranty and 10 years of spare parts support.


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Are you in search of a washing machine which performs active cleaning with no detergent deposits? Then, LG top load washing machine, model T70SKSF1Z is your ultimate destination.

Boosted with other exclusive features like hygienic wash, fuzzy logic, soaking, smart app diagnosis and many more. 

It is about 7 kgs capacity, suitable for a family of 4-5 members. This model is framed in a royal middle free Silver colour. Most choosy colour of many of us!

  • Smart inverter compressor for a long lasting performance and silent operation. 36% more energy savings.
  • BMC motor protection ensures long motor life
  • Turbo drum creates strong water motions like agitating, rotating and swinging for the powerful washing.
  • 99.9% detergent free clothes by its smart washing technology.
  • Tub Clean feature cleans both the inner and outer wall of the drum effectively, thereby facilitating hygienic washing.
  • Smart diagnosis for easy and quick troubleshooting solutions. Access through smart apps as well.
  • Its fuzzy control program auto determines the water level and wash program according to the laundry load
  • ‘Auto pre wash’ facilitates the soak plus wash process.
  •  Save more power on standby mode
  • Water pressure level performance is not upto the mark when compared to other brands.
  • ‘Delay end option’ is missing.
  • The door lid is not soft closing.

Get this product for the price of Rs.18,990 on Amazon, an appropriate rating when compared to other brands of similar quality and features.

LG provides 2 years comprehensive warranty on product and 10 years warranty on motor.


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Built with a centre jet pulsator for a superior wash performance with tangle free clothes. You no longer need to worry about drying your clothes in winter. Its ‘Monsoon mode’ helps to dry your clothes more quickly even during rainy days.

This model is available in an Imperial Silver colour which gives it a rich look. Its capacity is 6.5 kgs, suitable for small and medium sized families. 


  • Diamond drum pattern ensures utmost care on your clothes with zero damage to it.
  • Centre jet pulsator provides tangle free clothes
  • Magic lint filter 
  • Magic dispenser for complete dilution of detergent and free from residues.
  • Monsoon mode for fast dryness even in winter seasons.
  • Eco tub clean cleans your wash tub thoroughly.
  • Auto restart functionality during power outages.
  • Other features include child lock and quick wash program.
  • Energy rating – 3 star
  • If you feel that the motor is sounding, adjust the base of your washing machine to the correct level so that it will not sound or vibrate much.
  • Lints of Woollen fabrics are found sometimes on other clothes. It is suggested to wash daily wear and woollen clothes separately.

This washing machine is offered at a price of Rs. 14,790 on Amazon.

Samsung provides 2 years of warranty on product and motor.

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